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47th EOD Gulf War Journal

This data set is a work in progress and is thus incomplete. Incidents are scored by EOD severity category. Several Incidents appear out of theater/country. Those incidents are being reviewed for data entry errors.

Khamisiyah ASP Demolition Map Sources & Maps

Map: Iraq Deaths 2004 - 2009
Data Type: Feature Service Feature Class
Location: http://services.arcgis.com/q7zPNeKmTWeh7Aor/arcgis....
Feature Class: 0
Feature Type: Simple
Geometry Type: Point
Coordinates have Z values: No
Coordinates have measures: No
Geographic Coordinate System: GCS_WGS_1984
Datum: D_WGS_1984
Prime Meridian: Greenwich
Angular Unit: Degree

Veterans Legal Clinic Map - University of Missouri School of Law

This map set is not endorsed by the University of Missouri, the University of Missouri Law School, or the Law School's Veterans Clinic. It is a collection of geospatial data that practitioners of veteran's law may find helpful

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